The world of work is undergoing dynamic and challenging changes that provide gre

The world of work is undergoing dynamic and challenging changes that provide great opportunities along with tremendous uncertainty. Understanding the challenges of working in today’s environment is a critical component of success in management. These changes are due to the impact of important trends regarding worker talent, globalization, ethical standards, environment, workforce diversity, and new/emerging careers/fields/technologies
Also, let’s try and incorporate the impact of the recent pandemic situation but rather than discussing how it changed myriad of things in business settings, (and there is already plenty of discussion and speculation in that area), let us focus our discussion on the kinds of leadership or management skills or traits that will be necessary of future managers to cope with and adjust to challenges. Managers are expected to perform their typical roles under the additional stress of workforce instability and escalated safety and health risks, while also managing their own mounting work-life challenges and staying informed about rapidly changing policies and economic conditions, but what are some of the essential functions that the managers will have to perform to adjust to ever changing managerial roles in organizational settings, in the light of the current pandemic as well as other economic and global challenges that are facing the world of business?
Please share your opinions on each of these challenges on management in a discussion format, as far as the impact of these challenges in today’s work environment, and the types of management functions and skills that are necessary for future managers to tackle these challenges.