This case analysis will give you the opportunity to review the main concepts of

This case analysis will give you the opportunity to review the main concepts of Contract Law.
The main objective of this assignment is to analyze how Contract Law impacted the business environment. The foundation of your arguments must be based on the theories you learned this semester, and your in-depth analysis of how these theories apply to the real world is the most valuable aspect of this assignment. You should focus on answering the questions. Refrain from discussing historical or political issues unless they are directly related to Contract Law.
a) 1 page – A profile of the company involved. This is a summary of the business and its activities, a line or two about its history, milestones, growth/decline based on sales revenue, net profit margins, gross margins, yearly sales growth rate, income source, working capital, and more (key performance indicators – KIPs).
b) 5 pages – An analysis of how the case impacted the business and the industry. Analyze how the company’s practices/methods resulted in a violation of Contract Law. Evaluate the main arguments of each party. Do you agree or disagree with the court’s decision? Explain why.
c) 1 page – Reference page
Total pages: 7, Do not include a cover/title page.
d) List of cases: Pick only one case, and using the library resources and other external sourc listed on the next page, research: 1) Weston v. Cornell University | 2) Boswell v. Panera Bre:
Company | 3) Wagner v. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc | 4) Basis Technology Corporation, Inc. | 5) Forcelli v. Gelco Corporation | 6) Beastie Boys v. Monster Energy Co.
Formatting guidelines:
You must cite the book and at least 5 external sources using APA style formatting. Every other sentence of your paper should have an APA in-text citation. Use Times New Roman 12, double-spaced.
Do not cite Wikipedia or Investopedia! Other reliable sources are national newspapers, official government websites, business magazines such as,, Harvard Business Review, and The Economist. A simple way to find sources is to visit Google Scholar:
Once there, you copy/paste the case name (for example A&M Records, Inc. v. Napster). Then, you can search for articles or cases directly. It’s very easy to navigate and it’s free.
Another outstanding source is LSUA’s Library. Go to the LSUA’s Library website. Then, at the top of the screen (it reads find items that have “all of these words”) type the name of the case.
Then scroll down and under additional limits (in the advanced search site), the last option asks for search targets, check databases, and then click advanced search. You should get a lot of results. To find more information about the companies, follow the same protocol, but under the search tab type the company name and the word MarketLine. For example: Adidas MarketLine.
In’ most cases, you should be able to pull extraordinary data.