This for interpersonal communication class. We are using the book Looking In, L

This for interpersonal communication class.
We are using the book Looking In, Looking Out, 16th edition by Alder and Proctor.
“The Blind Side” Film Analysis Assignment
Instructions: To complete the film analysis assignment, you are to view and analyze the film, The Blind Side. After watching it, you must be able to recognize at least seven of the interpersonal communication concepts displayed within the movie that we have discussed throughout the course. You are not to just briefly mention the concepts; instead you must describe each concept in detail as it correlates to the film (approximately 16 lines per paragraph for each concept to earn full points). In addition, when you name each communication concept, list the page number to support your statements/findings, and also define the concept as well.
Clearly tie a communication concept to a scene or part of the film you are referring to. You should repeat this process for all seven concepts. Note: Do not use the same scene or concept more than once. This assignment will reveal what you have learned about Interpersonal Communication, so describe the communication concepts and the correlation to the scenes in detail and in depth.
The document should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced, and 1” margins. Please leave a space between each paragraph when going to the next concept and paragraph. The task is worth 200 points and is due by the indicated date in the syllabus. Take your time with this assignment given it is a large part of your overall grade. It is a great tip to take notes while you watch this film.