Using the Writing About Literature handout (pages 1-5) to help you, develop an e

Using the Writing About Literature handout (pages 1-5) to help you, develop an essay that is a close reading analysis of a story read from the fiction selections we have covered so far this term. See the list of elements that must be included in your paper to be successful. You must provide textual evidence (quotes from the stories), properly cited, to support your claims, ideas, and examples of the literary elements.
This essay should include an introduction with a thesis statement (usually placed at the end of the introductory paragraph) that explains what you are analyzing. It should have at least three or more body paragraphs that are written about the topic that are well developed and use textual evidence. I will be looking for analysis of the elements of the short story like plot, setting, characters and themes. Do not retell the story but include details from the story that support your claims.
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence at the beginning and a transition sentence at the end of each paragraph. It is unacceptable to use a quote at the end of a paragraph because a quote does not serve as a transition.
A fully developed paragraph should be at least four to six sentences or more and focus only on one topic. Begin a new paragraph when the topic changes. Any sources used must be correctly cited (with an in-text citation) and documented with a Work(s) Cited page at the end of the essay.
This essay should include a conclusion paragraph where the writer summarizes and wraps up the paper. Do not simply restate the thesis (do not use the same words or phrasing) but add a conclusion statement and leave the reader something to think about or consider. This could be about the subject of the piece being written about, or about the author, or something related to the analysis.
This essay should follow MLA style formatting which includes double spacing, correct formatting for the first and following pages and a Work(s) Cited page at the end separate from the body of the paper.
I prefer to read Calibri (11) or Verdana (10) font. Students will not be penalized for using other fonts; I mention this only because it is easier on my eyes when grading.
The word count requirement is at least 800 words and no more than 1000 words. Failure to meet at least 800 words will receive point penalties. Not meeting the minimum word count requirement diminishes the analysis and engagement with the subject. Additionally, an abundance of words do not necessarily mean a better grade. Be concise and thorough. This is also an exercise in becoming a stronger writer.
Be sure you have read the handout “How Your Professor “grades” Writing” found in the Start Here! portion of the course.
Plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute. Papers written at the last minute are usually scored lower than those who planned ahead and followed a revising and proofing checklist. I am always willing to answer any questions or provide clarification to my students.
I have also included an example of a student analysis essay example which should demonstrate the elements of an analysis essay. Do not use the same elements as this student has but view this document as an example of the type of work expected.