Your task: Write a policy report (1500 words), aimed at non-specialists, on an

Your task:
Write a policy report (1500 words), aimed at non-specialists, on an economic issue of your
choice. Your report must describe the extent of the issue (using figures and/or tables) and
outline some ways that governments/policymakers could address the issue. You can use the
data covered in seminars and/or other reliable sources (e.g. Our World in Data).
(Note: The word count is strict but excludes the title/subtitle, figures/tables, or
How to submit your assignment:
• Upload your report (in PDF or Word format) to the submission box on QMplus.
• You also need to submit the Excel file you used to create the figures/tables in your report.
(It should be clear how you used the raw data to make the figures/tables.)
Before submitng, make sure your report contains the following elements:
◻ InformaQve Qtle (subQtle is opQonal)
◻ Abstract/introductory paragraph that summarizes the contents of your report
◻ IntroducQon that summarizes the policy issue and provides necessary background informaQon
◻ At least two figures and/or tables (total, not each) showing relevant data
◻ At least two policy recommendaQons (see examples for reference)
◻ References secQon (any citaQon style is fine as long as you are consistent)
◻ IntroducQon, then main text, then policy recommendaQon(s), then references (conclusion isn’t needed)
◻ Headings and subheadings (where appropriate) to organize your ideas
◻ Each paragraph is short and limited to a single idea
◻ Any supplementary informaQon (e.g. charts/definiQons/examples) are in a separate box
◻ Content can be understood by people who are not familiar with economics or staQsQcs (explain any jargon)
◻ Persuasive tone – uses evidence to explain why the issue is important and needs addressing now
Other details
◻ 1500 words (excluding Qtle/subQtle, figures/tables, or references/footnotes)
◻ All sources of informaQon and data used are cited appropriately (see examples for reference)
◻ Figures/tables have capQons and are “standalone” (see examples for reference)
◻ Filename and report contains your student number but NOT your name (for anonymous marking)